Respect the Redhorse!

Respect the Redhorse!

shorthead redhorse

This site will, eventually, be a central location where I can keep all the information (whether scientific, sporting, culinary or artistic in nature) I find about redhorses and other suckers. I hope it will be more efficient than shuffling through scraps of paper on my desk or scrolling through lists of bookmarks.

One of the main goals is to gather all the information I can find about each species, including descriptions, photos, illustrations, maps and conservation status. This is, in part, to combat the unfortunate and fairly common belief that suckers are destructive and/or invasive and/or carp and/or symptomatic of habitat problems and/or harmful to gamefish populations and/or disgusting, mud-eating…

It’s going to take a while, but there is a lot in progress and more in mind for the future.


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