Insects, ice, turtles, bones and other macro obsessions

Ant combat. 5/30/2013

It’s not close to overtaking fishing, but my obsession with photography is definitely in the race. Last winter I accidentally discovered a world of beautiful abstractions inside large blocks of ice that formed in the back yard, and when spring finally came and ice was no longer an option, I re-discovered a fascination with insects. Despite not yet having a true macro lens, and despite my dSLR being a few rungs below where I’d like… Continue reading

Tiger Trout print

Available in my Etsy shop. Tiger trout prints are available. Giclee prints on heavy, matte paper. Colors are vibrant, printing is crisp and clear. I’m really happy with how these turned out. (The dark blue border is part of the poster, not a mat or frame.) Two sizes: large (32″ wide x 15.8″ high) and medium (24″ wide x 12″ high). Continue reading