Sucker Species

This section is in progress. The goal is to provide as much information as possible about each species—including science, fishing methods, history, and identification—along with quality photos and illustrations. I am under no illusion that I will be able to do every sucker species. It’s almost too much, but I’m pulling it together. Slowly.

There will be a page for each species and lots of links and bibliographical info.

(The following list is just a place-holder, taken from Wikipedia and ITIS. I haven’t checked to see that it’s up-to-date, complete or accurate.)

Family Catostomidae

Subfamily Catostominae

Tribe Catostomini

Genus Catostomus

C. ardens (Utah sucker)
C. bernardini (Yaqui sucker, matalote yaqui)
C. cahita (Cahita sucker, matalote cahita)
C. catostomus catostomus (longnose sucker, meunier rouge)
C. clarkii (desert sucker, matalote del desierto)
C. columbianus (bridgelip sucker)
C. commersonii (white sucker, meunier noir)
C. conchos (matalote conchos, conchos sucker) (Not in ITIS list.)
C. discobolus (bluehead sucker) and C. discobolus jarrovii (Zuni bluehead sucker)
C. fumeiventris (Owens sucker)
C. insignis (Sonora sucker, matalote de Sonora)
C. latipinnis (Flannelmouth sucker)
C. leopoldi (Bavispe sucker, fleshylip sucker, matalote de Bavispe)
C. macrocheilus (largescale sucker)
C. microps (Modoc sucker)
C. nebuliferus (Nazas sucker, matalote de Nazas)
C. occidentalis lacusanserinus (Goose Lake sucker) and C. occidentalis occidentalis (Sacramento sucker)
C. platyrhynchus (mountain sucker)
C. plebeius (Rio Grande sucker, matalote del Bravo)
C. rimiculus (Klamath snallscale sucker, Jenny Creek sucker)
C. santaanaei (Santa Ana sucker)
C. Snyderi (Klamath largescale sucker)
C. tahoensis (Tahoe sucker)
C. tsiltcoosensis (Tyee sucker) (Not in ITIS list.)
C. utawana (summer sucker)
C. warnerensis (Warner sucker)
C. wigginsi (Opata sucker, matalote Opata, Sonoran sucker)

Genus Chasmistes

C. brevirostris (shortnose sucker)
C. cujus (cui-ui)
C. fecundus (webug sucker)
C. liorus (June sucker)
C. muriei (Snake River sucker)

Genus Deltistes

Deltistes luxatus (Lost River sucker) Federally endangered

Genus Xyrauchen

X. texanus (razorback sucker, matalote jorobado)

Tribe Erimyzoninae

Genus Erimyzon

Genus Minytrema

Tribe Thoburniinae

Genus Hypentelium

Genus Thoburnia

Tribe Moxostomatini

Genus Moxostoma

Subfamily Cycleptinae

Genus Cycleptus

Subfamily Ictiobinae

Genus Carpiodes

Genus Ictiobus

Subfamily Myxocyprininae

Genus Myxocyprinus



  1. noticed that the cui-ui of pyramid lake in Nevada wasnt listed. They are going extinct

    • I need to get back to work on this page. I left a lot off of it because I just didn’t have time to get it all right. I think I was waiting to hear from someone about a new species, and then I just never remembered to finish this list. Thanks. I’ll make sure cui-ui are on here eventually.

  2. The Salish Sucker of BC and WA is missing from the list, I believe.

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