NANFA 2017 Blue Sucker poster (and shirt)


Blue Sucker printBlue Sucker print (close-up)

Order posters at

Order t-shirts directly from NANFA at

My design for this year's convention shirt, featuring Blue Suckers. (This is a mockup. The exact size of the image and its colors will differ somewhat.)

Redhorse ID Print

Redhorse illustration showing traits of six species of redhorse

SOLD OUT. Don’t know if I’ll print more, but if I do they’ll be in my shop. Follow me there.

These are giclee prints on heavy matte paper. This is not a thin, glossy poster that a teenager would tape inside a locker. If you have a wall, a hammer and a nail, you might even consider putting this print in a frame and hanging it next to pictures of your kids and Cranky Aunt Ethel.

There are two sizes available: large (32″ x 24″) and medium (24″ x 18″). Save on shipping by ordering more than one at a time.

Tiger Trout prints

Tiger Trout illustration by Olaf Nelson

Available through

Giclee prints on heavy matte paper, not flimsy, glossy or cheap. This print wants to be framed, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Colors are vibrant, printing is crisp and clear. I’m really happy with how these turned out. (The dark blue border is part of the poster, not a mat or frame.)

I just found two prints of this with a white border instead of the dark blue. If you want one, order a medium and then put a note in the paypal “notes” field during your order.

Two sizes: large (32″ wide x 15.8″ high) and medium (24″ wide x 12″ high). All prints and posters are shipped priority mail in a tube. Order more than one poster and  save on shipping costs.


T-Shirts, Stickers, etc.

Here’s a quick look at the various stickers, shirts and other items available. Order from zazzle and cafepress.

Vintage fish and biology images on clothing, mugs, etc. at zazzle and cafepress:

Carp shirts, aprons, mugs, etc.

Yes We Carp posters SOLD OUT.
Posters are $15 (including shipping).

Common carp illustration with the phrase "Yes We Carp."

These are also available on lots of other items at zazzle.

Redhorse Lips

One inch triangular redhorse lips stickers (set of 6) available for $4 (shipping included). Two sets for $6. Three sets for $7. SOLD OUT!Triangular stickers showing the lips of 6 species of redhorse

All the redhorse lips are also available individually and as a group on shirts and other items such as iPhone and iPad cases, sweatshirts, cards, stickers and more. Who doesn’t need a set of redhorse coasters or a clock?

Redhorse lips t-shirt, with all 6 triangles. $20 (shipping included) Sold out, but you can still get them from zazzle or cafepress, on whatever you want.

The tiger trout is available on t-shirts, coasters and other stuff from zazzle or cafepress. Right now I have postcards and greeting cards (with envelopes) in stock.

Tiger trout on abstract background


Tiger trout t-shirt (XL, natural): sold out. This is also available on lots of other items at zazzle or cafepress.

Free Your Mind t-shirt (black, XL, cotton). $27 (shipping included) Almost gone!

This is also available on lots of other items at zazzle and cafepress.

Free Your Mind: Fish Rough! glossy 4 inch stickers. $2 each, or 3 for $5 (postage included) SOLD OUT. Postcards of the same image are $3 for 4 also SOLD OUT. Free Your Mind: Fish Rough! sticker design with skull and lightning

River Redhorse stickers (4″ oval, glossy) $2 each or 3 for $5 (postage included) SOLD OUTRiver Redhorse

This design is also available on shirts, sweatshirts and other gear (there’s a white version, too) at zazzle.

Chinook salmon:Chinook salmon logo of Chinook Design Inc.This is available on lots of items at zazzle or cafepress.

Real Women Fish shirts and other products available on lots of other items at zazzle or cafepress.
Real Women Fish, Real Men Do DishesReal Women FishMom Fishes

Women Fly posters and shirts.
Women fly posters almost gone. $15 each (shipping included)

This is also available on shirts and stuff at zazzle or cafepress.
Women Fly! pictogram showing a woman flyfishing

If you don’t use paypal, contact me and we’ll work it out.

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