Insects, ice, turtles, bones and other macro obsessions

It’s not close to overtaking fishing, but my obsession with photography is definitely in the race. Last winter I accidentally discovered a world of beautiful abstractions inside large blocks of ice that formed in the back yard, and when spring finally came and ice was no longer an option, I re-discovered a fascination with insects. Despite not yet having a true macro lens, and despite my dSLR being a few rungs below where I’d like to perch on the Nikon ladder, I’ve managed a few worthwhile shots.

Rather than clutter up this site with unrelated photography, I’ve been putting my photos —including fish photos, but mostly ice, insects and random subjects—on flickr ( and, for a simpler browsing experience (though with fewer photos), on tumblr ( Please take a look if you’re into ice, insects, reptiles or macro photography.
A few samples:

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