Redhorses: Shorthead, Golden, and Silver, and other fish from 2012 so far (tons of photos)

Some of the fish I’ve caught in 2012.

According to my records, I’ve hooked and landed almost 30 species this year, 9 of which are new additions to my lifelist (sauger, longnose gar, mooneye, silver carp, silver redhorse, yellow bullhead, bowfin, lake trout and warmouth). I also hooked and lost a shovelnose sturgeon that still haunts me (it would have been lifer #10).

During the June species contest I caught 27 species (more than doubling my previous best), including 8 lifers. Even better: my daughter (5 years old) caught 8 species and won the kids’ division of the contest, becoming addicted to fishing in the process.

It’s been a good year, despite an incredibly damaging drought, an unpleasant heat wave, and way too much to do. As the drought lifts and the weather and water cool, I hope to add a lot more fish to my log in 2012. Here are a few of what I’ve enjoyed so far. (Click on any picture and a viewer will pop up.)

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  1. Nice bunch of rough fish you got there!

  2. Olaf, I got this from Tree. So cool and amazing. You became admirable expert and definitely nut- fisher. And artist to boot. Come to Clam river soon again. It is yours. Cheerios yours Jarda

    • Olaf, I agree with Jarda. You are becoming an expert. This is very cool to see all these. Of course I like the clam ones best.

      • Thanks, but I’m far from being an expert. I’m obsessed and I’m willing to put in the time to learn. Spend enough time fishing, you catch fish. I’ve failed to catch far more targeted species and individual specimens than I’ve caught. Your hand looks good holding that shorthead. You should go out and catch more (and bigger ones).

  3. Thanks, Jarda! If I could, I’d be up there at least a week out of every month. Maybe two weeks.

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